Thursday, August 14, 2014

Five Tips To Make Breastfeeding Easier

One of my favorite bloggers is Mama Natural. If you haven't checked her out, definitely take the time. She does a lot of very entertaining vlogging as well as blogging.

She did a vlog awhile back on Breastfeeding tips, and I wanted to share it with you - I find it very simply stated and helpful for new breastfeeders, so take the time and check it out :).

One caveat I would say to her last point is this: If you are painfully engorged be careful with pumping. You don't want to pump so much that you increase your supply making it more painful. I personally got very engorged with both my kiddos and pumped a tiny bit just to take the edge off so my babies could get a good latch (I was SO hard my husband said my breasts looked plastic. Yep. Painful!). The other thing is that I didn't need to have a good pumping supply because I wasn't planning to pump-to-feed them. I work from home so am able to nurse on demand all the time (well, most of the time), and when I couldn't nurse them for whatever reason I was able to pump just enough to get them through the short time I wasn't around. If you are going to be returning to work or have other reasons to pump, though, definitely follow her advice - it will make it much less stressful when the time comes to leave your baby!

Happy breastfeeding month!


P.s. Don't forget tonight's Breastfeeding Support Group at Educated Mommy at 6:30 pm at Educated Mommy!

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