Monday, May 12, 2014

Belated Happy Mother's Day

Well, it's the "day after".

Not the day after a giant party, wedding, or other super-fun, late-into-the-night, tie-one-on kind of day.

It's the day after Mother's Day.

No matter what yesterday meant to you, what you did, how meaningful it was, how memorable it was, how well you were taken care of (for a change!), nor what wonderful, marvelous, beautiful, heartfelt (or crappy) things were given to you, I pray that you felt loved by those you have given life to.

I know I did. It wasn't an extravagant day for me, by any stretch of the imagination. But my kiddos made me some handmade cards and beautiful drawings, my husband got me some awesome socks and a new towel (I know it sounds strange, but seriously - who can beat a package of new socks?! And a brand new towel that's not 10+ years old? Awesome). After church hubby made a simple and yummy lunch, then I got to take a nap.

Like almost all afternoon.

Does it really get much better than that? I think not.

For supper, we went out to eat with my awesome parents, my brother and his sweet girlfriend. Then to end the day we went to Cherry Berry for some delicious frozen yogurt.

Extravagant? No

Awesome? Yes

Now we are back to reality. Kiddos are playing and making a gigantic mess. Not listening to me when it's time to pick up. Not doing the dishes like they were asked a million times to do.

Oh well. Such is the life of a mom. Balance life's messes with work, being a mama, and everything that goes along with all of it. Is it easy? Heavens no. Is it worth it - even when the kids don't seem to even care that you are reaching the end of your "patience rope" and they still aren't listening to you? Yes. And YES!

Not every day can be Mother's Day, where we are pampered (if even just a little). Life is hard. Life is messy.

And at the end of the day life with kiddos is the most rewarding and beautiful life I can ever imagine leading.

I pray you are having a wonderful "day after". I'm not, but it's ok because being a mommy is all I've ever wanted to be, and their smiles, kisses and hugs at the end of the day - even when I've displayed some less-than-awesome mothering - are what I need to bring be back to the reality that it's just life. And it's a beautiful mess.


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