Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hey Facebook - Breastfeeding is NORMAL!

So, it's the same old story.

Someone posts a picture of themselves (or someone they know or have professionally photographed) breastfeeding on facebook, someone reports it as "offensive" or some such nonsense, and so facebook removes the picture.

They give the owner of said picture some kind of basic, canned reason, saying that their picture was reported and so it's been removed. I've even heard of some pages being shut down for breastfeeding pictures, or personal accounts being suspended for a time.


I mean, REALLY??

Have they actually SEEN some of the vile, sexualized, half-naked pictures that are elsewhere in their software? Pictures that show WAY more boob than some sweet baby being nourished does. (seriously - I just did a quick search and typed "sex" into their search function. Some of the disgusting and awful pages that came up made me think that I *never* want to let our kids get a facebook account. Or get on the Internet. Ever.)

I know it's an old argument - and an old fight.

"Facebook isn't owned by us, the user. It's owned by shareholders, and run by a corporation. We have to follow their rules. No matter how ridiculous and backwards they are."

Yes! Ridiculous and backward describes it exactly.


Well, we have an answer for all this.

We are going to start a Photo Gallery here on the blog and will post your beautiful breastfeeding pictures here! We know how precious those breastfeeding moments are. We know how sweet it is to capture those moments in a photograph. We also know how wonderful it is to share that beauty and those tender moments with others!

So, send me your breastfeeding pictures! Get them to me this week (by Sunday 10/26/13), and I'll work on getting the photo gallery up and running next week! Just email them to me at media@elegantmommy.com, and let me know if you'd like me to include yours and baby's first names in the caption.

Let's take a stand that shows how beautiful breastfeeding really is, and maybe the more people who see it will realize that it's really just normal, and such a beautiful life experience!

I look forward to getting TONS of beautiful breastfeeding pictures!


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