Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time for Gratitude - Snow, Ice, and More Winter

Ice and snow, ice and snow.

Dumb weather.

I know that it's pretty cliche to talk about the weather these days - especially with the bizarr-o and explicitly NOT spring-type weather we have had here in the Midwest this month.

Two weeks ago schools across much of the state cancelled classes THREE days in a row. In April. It was nuts.
The kiddos and Randall built a couple totally awesome snowmen
There was massive damage in eastern SD because of a pretty intense ice storm followed by snow that just dumped and didn't want to stop. I-90 was closed from Sioux Falls to Rapid City (for those of you that don't know, that spans almost the entire width of the state. Yeah. It's a long way.

The week after that (so we're talking about last week now), there was another snow storm. Less damage occurred during that one, and less schools were cancelled, but lots of snow came, nonetheless. We had to change the venue for The Great Cloth Diaper Change (which turned out pretty awesome, by the way - if you weren't there, you totally missed out! More on that later, though) at the last minute, and when I drove to Sioux Falls on Friday morning, I-90 pretty much sucked, and there were a lot of trucks and cars in the ditch. Awesome.

Then TWO days ago we got more snow. Yet again.

Randall has said that he's shoveled more this month than he did all of last year combined. I even got to shovel and play in the snow the other day.

Throughout all this, I've seen all kinds of comments about the weather, both good and bad, from people around here in the last few weeks. Most of them are bad, but a few of them are in favor of it.

As for me, I think there are both good and bad things about it. First of all the bad: It's super hard on livestock, particularly now when it's calving season. I'm sure a ton of baby calves and other babies have been lost, and that's super hard on ranchers. Also, personally, I think it kind of blows that we don't even have buds on trees yet, and we haven't been able to take the kids to the park or spend a ton of time outside. I totally dig taking the kids on walks and we simply haven't been able to yet. *sad face*. Lastly, it can be hard on anyone's psyche to be stuck inside for such a long time. I think generally people around here are simply ready for winter to be over. I know I am.

Now for the good: Last I heard we are still actually considered to be in a drought. That's how little moisture we got last year. Precipitation - no matter what kind - is kind of awesome. I know my garden appreciates it, as do all of the trees, lawns, and fields around here...not to mention the farmers who had a simply awful year last year. Also, a spring snowstorm is great for cuddling with the family on the couch and no matter who you are, it's hard to argue that a blanket of pure white snow over everything is simply beautiful. Not only that, but it only lasts a short time - seriously - our snow is actually getting close to being completely melted already! Altogether we got at least 2 feet, and I have to say that I'm digging seeing some green grass under it all as it slowly disappears! :)

On Monday when we woke up to more snow falling, Vienna - still a little groggy and quite incredulously - said "Mommy is it really snowing again?!" "Yes", I answered. In her super-amazing, five-year-old optimism and wisdom said "Well, we need the moisture, so it's ok."

So, instead of being sad that winter still wasn't over, we looked at the positive side of things. We were getting moisture that farmers desperately need, and spring-type weather will be here before we know it. To emphasize our outlook, we decided that we would bring spring to our house, whether or not the weather outside agreed.

So we made a flower garden, complete with butterflies. It was awesome, and the kids loved it. We have it set up in the living room, and it will remain there until spring catches up to the date. Until then, we will be grateful for whatever moisture we get.

But for real?

I'm ready for 50-60 degree weather and rain instead of snow *wink*


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