Monday, January 21, 2013

Childbirth Professional Day - Meet them all!

We've been introducing all the local Childbirth Professionals here on the blog for awhile now.

To begin the new year, we decided it would be great to list all of the professionals we've featured to date. Don't worry - we'll continue to update and add new professionals each month, too!

  • Niki Johnson, birth doula and childbirth educator, Sioux Falls
    • BirthingWISE is Women Inspired Support & Education. I can be contacted at 605-351-4207, or
  • Ashley Anderson, Bradley Method Instructor, Sioux Falls
    • Simply Birth;; 605-370-3908
  • Evie DeWitt, birth doula, Mitchell
  • Marilyn Hildreth, childbirth educator, lactation consultant, doula trainer, Brookings
    •  JM Birth Consultants International  People can contact me at or call at 605-691-5808. My website is Visit the site for a listing of workshops and video resources
  • Judy Jones, CPM
    • Joy of Birth Midwifery;
  • Rose Marie Hoiten, CNM, CNP, IBCLC
    • Rose Marie is no longer practicing as a home birth midwife, but still as a CNM, CNP, and IBCLC - I will hopefully be able to feature her new adventures in childbirth soon!
  • Debbie Hayden-Miller, CNM (homebirth midwifery), Sioux Falls
    • Laughing Waters Homebirth Midwifery. I can be contacted many ways. Web page:; Email directly from the web page or email me at; Phone number is 605-351-8041;You may also find me on Facebook and Twitter
  • Teresa Buell, CNM, Sioux Falls
    • Sanford Women's Nurse Midwifery Service. You can contact me at 328-4600 or
  • Tammi Chaney, birth doula, childbirth educator, Platte, SD
    • Mother Nurture Doula Care; Tammi Chaney; Platte, SD; (605) 491-3661;
  • Tracie Kruempel, birth doula, Sioux Falls, SD
    • Tracie Kruempel, Belly to Birth Doula Service; People can contact me at or call me at 605.759.7408; Facebook: Belly to Birth Doula Service 
  • Suzanna Hardin, birth doula and childbirth educator, Brookings, SD
  • Alicia Fonder, childbirth educator, IBCLC, Registered Nurse, Sioux Falls, SD
    • My business is called South Dakota Babies. People can contact me through my website or by phone (605)553-8364.
  • Carrie Caskey, birth doula, childbirth educator, Pipestone, MN
    • Birth and Family Life Center,  --  call me at 507-347-3229.
  • Lisa Stephens, birth doula, Watertown
    • I work independantly, as Lisa Stephens, Birth Doula, and also volunteer services to any women that husbands/partners are deployed overseas. I also volunteer my services to at-risk women, and do base my fees on income, so that ALL women can benefit from the supports of a Birth Doula, no matter their current financial situation!  I do take last minute clients, and I am available by phone: 605-759-7252, and!


Rebecca Davis said...

I love that these are all together on one page! Thank you so much! Great resource!! Have you happened to feature any birth photographers?

Evie said...

Hi Rebecca - No, we haven't featured any birth photographers, but that's a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion! If you are looking for one, let me know and I can get you some names of local photographers that you could check into...

Anonymous said...

Lisa Stephens is not a certified doula. She is a fraud and complaints have been filed with DONA. She is on DONA's website to watch out for her fraudulant activity.