Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What is Diapapallooza Anyway?

For those of you that know us and have been around for awhile, you probably have an idea what Diapapallooza is...some of you have even participated so are really familiar with it. For those of you that are newer, you have possibly heard of it. There may be some of you out there, though, that really don't have any idea what Diapapallooza is...well....let me fill you in.

Elegant Mommy is much more than just trendy used maternity clothes. We specialize in all kinds of things, including breast pumps, nursing bras and accessories, baby supplies (accessories, some clothing, bibs, etc), and yes - cloth diapers! It is a passion of ours and a calling to help families throughout their young-family stages...like our tag line says "From your baby bump to your baby's rump, we've got you covered!".

So, what is this "diapapallooza thing", anyway? Well, basically it is a cloth diaper swap. It is an event designed for moms/families to sell their used cloth diapers and accessories, and families that are looking for really good deals on cloth diapers - either to start out or increase their stashes - to purchase them at a reasonable price.

Sellers are able to set their own price on their items, and there is a consignment fee on items that they sell. Purchasers just go through all the diapers and accessories that are for sale and pick out what they want. They purchase through Elegant Mommy - not the actual seller - so there is no need to worry about payment method (i.e. only cash, etc).

When my husband and I first decided to start cloth diapering, I did a bunch of research trying to determine what kind of diapers would work best for us. Once I had an idea of what I was looking for, I attended a diapapallooza and Shelly was so helpful (this was the first time I met her...and long before I began working for her)! She helped me to find what I wanted in several different styles, so I was easily able to determine what I wanted more of after trying them all out. I knew I wanted to sew the majority of our stash, so once I figured out what I liked best and didn't like about different styles, I was able to design my own that I really love for our little man.

If you live anywhere near Sioux Falls and are interested in beginning to cloth diaper your little one(s) or are already a cloth diaper expert and just want to increase your stash, I highly recommend checking out our next diapapallooza the first weekend in March. Our employees are extremely knowledgeable and will help you with any question you may have...even if you have done no research and don't know what you want!

You can get tickets here (Don't worry - they are free! We only have tickets so we can get an estimate of how many folks will be there...please note that if you want to sell some diapers you MUST "purchase" a seller's ticket). If you have any questions ahead of time, you can comment here, ask on our facebook page, or give us a call or shoot us an email. We are all here to help you with your cloth diapering needs, and Diapapallooza is the perfect place to start!

See you in March!

~Evie DeWitt

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