Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Organic Living

Hello my name is Rosalie Evans; Realtor®, working mother, treehugger and organic fanatic are just some of the roles I fill. While my girls Dana Jean (age 15) and Anna Christine (age 10) do not always understand or condone my choices I will continue to make them for my family in the best way I see fit.

We as a family eat 90% certified organic food. We eat food prepared from scratch and nothing that has been processed in a conventional factory. We drink raw milk and only eat certified organic meat. While you would think that it would take longer to prepare meals it really doesn't. And meals can be prepared in bulk during slow times to be used during busier periods. While organic foods are more expensive we do save a lot of money by not buying junk foods. We also buy local when at all possible by buying through our local food coops. It takes a bit of planning but it is well worth it to buy local and prepare fresh. The kids do get their 10% junk food and we have been known to eat fast food at times as well. It is all about having some flexibility when working with kids so you don't have yourself a mutiny.

We also as a family engage in daily exercise. Either through school activities or the gym we try to get at least 30 mins of activity daily. We are not perfect by any sight but we do try. Even if it is nothing more then parking further away from the grocery store or walking the stairs instead of taking the elevator we do something everyday.

Other steps we have taken to stay healthy is to use safer toiletries. We did a lot of experimenting with first natural based products and then if we could not find something natural that worked we went to the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database to find a safer alternative. I would say that a good half of the products that I use are actually edible and the other half only have minimal toxins. On the same token we also only use Western medicine if we are really sick. I have banned anti bacterial soaps, lotions, or other product from my home due to fear of antibiotic resistance. Care is also taken with household cleaners to only use safe ones. We use very few actual products for cleaning and we have a very clean house. Vinegar and water and a steam cleaner will clean up the great majority of all messes.

So while my beliefs are not conventional, and some people think I am a little weird, that is okay. We rarely get sick and we have very little exposure to chemicals and toxins. Someday my girls will figure out I am not totally clueless and by then they will have some very healthy habits. If anyone has any questions for me please do not hesitate to message me on FB.

~Rosalie Evans

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