Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fuzzi Bunz Suggestions

For those of you that have questions about Fuzzi Bunz Diapers, here are some great suggestions we recieved in an e-mail from their General Manager. Hope this helps...
Side note: We carry One Size in our store, but we can order Sized.
Dear Shelly,
As a retailer it is often your responsibility, role and pleasure to inform your customers as to what best may fit their baby, not only in product but in size.  Since our launch of the new FuzziBunz One Size diaper last year we have changed our recommendations to customers both new and old to the cloth diapering scene.

Since our One Size launch we have seen a drastic shift in the sizes that people order, what they recommend to their customers and truly what fits babies at different stages the best.  We would like to share with you what we have found so you can also best educate your customers and provide the best service you can regarding FuzziBunz and fitting them for their diapers.
Infants - If a mom is starting cloth diapering from the get go with a newborn baby people are recommending the One Size as that is truly the MOST economical way to go.  It is not suitable for very small (under 7 lbs) babies or preemies - however it will fit (although somewhat bulky the first few weeks) a newborn.  BENEFIT - Moms know they can truly buy 12-18 of the One Size FuzziBunz and be done buying diapers until their baby is out of them! 
Babies 6-9 months of age - If someone is starting with FuzziBunz with an older baby but not yet a toddler - people are finding the MEDIUM size FuzziBunz fits their needs the best.  A MEDIUM FuzziBunz will fit very well at 6 months and fit most babies up until potty training provided they are not very very tall or very very chunky.  But for 80% of the babies Mediums do the trick and they are easier to manage than the One Size.  Other than our One Size the Mediums are our second best seller.  
Parents planning future children - Here again the ONE SIZE is a key suggestion.  With the replaceable elastic and snaps with a lifetime guarantee this makes a no nonsense choice for people who are really cost  and environmentally conscious.  After 10 years we know elastic does not last that long in storage - replace it and baby two is ready to go with no added investment in diapers!  
Preemies / Small newborns - Our Extra Small diapers are recommended for preemies starting at 4lbs.  Although we feel it is a large investment for diapers that will only last a short time, for people that are committed to using cloth from the very beginning this is an excellent product for them.  The MSRP will be going down on the XS when we relaunch the size next month making it more affordable, and this makes an excellent hand me down to new moms to get started with. 
Smalls and Larges - with the wide size range of the Mediums and the One Size craze, the size Smalls and Larges have really tapered off - you will see our stock levels are low on these as we project production based on our own sales reports and demand.  The LARGE size is REALLY large and is great for late potty training children or special needs children.  The small seems to not be making much sense for new babies as they will grow out of them in 6 months leaving parents to invest more money in diapers. However parents that prefer ease and trimness are more inclined to reach for a size small. 
I hope that this email will be helpful for you in both assisting your customers and planning your inventory.  The information above is what we recommend to cloth diaper users that contact us for more information and assistance. 
Best Regards,
Pam Peters
FuzziBunz® Diapers
General Manager

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