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Baby Wearing

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For those of you new to baby wearing, this may sound like a foreign language, however it's just the tip of the iceberg of baby wearing accessories. I was overwhelmed by the different baby wearing accoutrements available as well as the range in price. There are websites that show you how to make a wrap for $5 and ones that sell handcrafted silk slings for over $1,000.

Here is a basic overview of the types of carriers we carry at Elegant Mommy:

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Ring Slings:

Baby ‘Roo slings are designed to be simple to use and comfortable. Our unique structure makes it easy to wear the sling on either shoulder for extended periods of time. Plus, they are the perfect width for easy, discreet nursing. (The tail works wonderfully as a cover!)

Baby ‘Roo carriers are not just stylish and fun to wear. They are safe, strong and durable, capable of cozily cuddling newborns or hauling 35-pound toddlers.

Our ring slings come in ‘one size fits most’, and adjust to fit most adults and their little passengers. If you are very petite, you may want to request a sling custom tailored to the length you need.

These cotton ring slings are perfect for the beginning baby-wearer. They are extra wide to create a safe, deep pouch for the baby. Easily adjustable and the tail is long enough to be used as a cover for nursing, sun shade, etc.

Knit Wraps:

From MamaBaby Threads

Long, narrow knit cloth used to securely wear baby 

Mom, dad, or care-provider is hands-free and baby stays contentedly close

One size is easily adjustable, measures about 21” X 15’

Soft, preshrunk, breathable cotton and cotton blend knits slightly stretch to assure a comfortable fit for mom and baby

Chiropractor recommended as knit wrap disperses baby’s weight evenly across both shoulders and provides additional support for lower back

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Mei Tai:

Baby ‘Roo Tai’s have a slightly contour body, meaning the bottom of the body of the carrier is just a little narrower. This allows the baby to be worn legs out sooner and more comfortably. The shoulder straps are extra long and are padded for comfort. They are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and/or with a heavier baby. The bottom strap is not padded and can be rolled once to create a shorter mei tai for newborns or petite toddlers. The top has a curved edge that you can use for head support or roll down so it is out of the way. Roo Tai’s are reversible, and great for mom and dad to share.  You can have the fun/bright/funky pattern you want on one side and a solid color on the other!


There are LOTS of other carriers, wraps, and slings out there. If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by Elegant Mommy and we can help you out.

What carrier do you use? Any tips for families just started to wear their babies?

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