Wednesday, September 9, 2009

BOLD Red Tent Event

Friday September 11th
@ Elegant Mommy 7PM

BOLD’s Red Tent Event
A red tent…mothers voices…intimacy…truth. After BOLD New York's hugely successful red tent event in 2006 we thought:why not have BOLD Red Tent events around the world throughout the year? BOLD's Red Tent event concept is simple: gather women under a "red tent" to listen to mothers' birth stories and then record their stories (in film, written word or visual expression) as part of our BOLD Library of Birth Truths. A BOLD Red Tent event is an excellent opportunity for communities throughout the world to be BOLD any time of the year and showcase your community's local birth stories.

Come down (kids welcomed) and share your birth story with other moms and hear about others' experiences in a nonjudgmental setting!Learn about the truths of childbearing and participate in the bigger picture, the BOLD Library of Birth Truths!!

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