Monday, October 6, 2008

Babywearing & Cloth Diaper Workshop

Babywearing & Cloth Diaper Workshop
New to Babywearing?
Thinking of buying a sling or baby carrier and wondering where to start?
Thinking of trying cloth diapers?
Wondering why anyone would want to use cloth diapers?
Want to see the latest designs of cloth diapers?

We're here to help!
We will be covering:
How to wear your baby
How to choose the best carrier
How to nurse in a sling
Choosing the best cloth diaper system for your family
Washing cloth diapers

We will be available to answer questions and for you to check out the latest products on the market.

October 8th, 6-7 pm
Elegant Mommy
2109 W 49th Street, Sioux Falls

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